Dirk Strangely is becoming internationally known not only for his beautifully peculiar and alluring visual renderings, but, he is also gaining the attention all over the world for his unique and even eccentric out look on life as a person, and has built a quite large cult following. His work reminds us of our childhood dreams and fantasy, pulling us into his very distinct worlds he creates with his fantastic creatures and sometimes leading us into a journey of self discovery and accepting human impulses. His work is stunning and powerful and fresh whether the subject is for a child or adult. He believes in working with ALL medias, whether it be painting, composing music, photography, film, sculpting, ect. and admits to never sticking to one idea, but, always looking for newer ideas and ways of expressing his art. Dirk has been published in art magazines and newpapers all over the world. His art has been in books, on album covers, and has done conceptual art for films, storyboarding, and animation.

     Dirk is not just a visual artist but is also involved in several projects with film allowing him to incorporate not just his fine art but his talent of digital art, sculptures, puppetry, and writing. He is also a classically trained jazz and blues musician and plays many instruments. His goal is to write, illustrate, and create books, movies, and continue demonstrating his unique concepts in various medias all over the globe.

Dirk Strangely is currently seeking representation. Anyone qualified and interested please contact Dirk via email.


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